Member Resources

Welcome to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Member Resource website!  This site is designed with GSLC's congregation in mind.  Members will find forms, past educational classes, and other resources that members of GSLC would find helpful.  Members are not required to log into this site to use the resources.

Return to the main website for information about Good Shepherd Lutheran Church's ministry.


Adult Connect (aka Adult Forum)

Adult Connect is GSLC's regular presentations on faith, history, and theology on Sunday mornings.  Past presentations can be watched (or re-watched) here at anytime!

Church Council

The Church Council is the governing body of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and is made up of a combination of members and clergy.


Devotions from GSLC members and staff to help you connect with the Word of God.


From Estimate of Giving to Room Request Forms, this is where you'll find online forms.


Connect with all of the publications for GSLC including The Shepherd's Horn & Annual Report.


Manage your personal information and stay current on your offering.