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Church Council

Author: Scott Puthoff/Friday, November 19, 2021/Categories: Member Resources Categories

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The Good Shepherd Church Council the governing body of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. 

The Council is composed of both clergy and church members.  Twelve elected church members serve on Council for 3-year terms, while all four Pastors serve on the Council for the duration of their call at Good Shepherd.  The Financial Secretary and Treasurer are also a part of Council.  Elected church members can only serve for two consecutive terms (for a total of 6 years) on Council.

Terms for elected church members expire on a staggered schedule so that only four seats possibly change in any given year.  Council Elections are held each September over several weeks.  Members of GSLC can vote any time during the Council Election time period.

Once Council Elections have been completed, newly elected church members get a brief orientation before their first meeting so they are aware of the flow and structure of Council Meetings.  Each new Church Council holds elections at their first Council meeting to elect Officers for the Church Council.  The Officer positions are:  President, Vice President, Secretary.  The Treasurer and Financial Secretary are also Officers on the Chuch Council.

Your 2021 Church Council:

  • Sharon Norris - President
  • Jim Messner - Vice President
  • Brenda Fuentes - Secretary
  • Julia Kyser - Treasurer
  • Dean Rankey - Financial Secretary
  • Dave Dietrechson
  • Karen Eller
  • Chris Fitz
  • Vernon Hartman
  • Kristin Kalsem
  • Carla Jownovitz
  • Mark Buelsing
  • Kathy Shuman
  • Robin Teeters
  • Pastor Patricia Badkey - Interim Senior Pastor
  • Pastor Alice Connor - Campus Ministry and Associate Pastor
  • Pastor Alex Hoops - Associate Pastor

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