St. Cuthbert's Way Pilgrimage (2022)

Scott Puthoff
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Day 5 (June 17, 2022)


“This is a good time to pause and reflect on your journey so far” – Rev. David Jenkins.

We gathered at Wooler United Reformed Church for a “warm welcome” hosted by Church Elders and volunteers followed by devotions in the sanctuary led by Amanda and Chris Fitz.  The connection for this visit was made by the Morawskis from their time in England.  We reflected on our journey, passing a special prayer stone person-to-person, sharing highs and lows.  It was a memorable time as we strengthened connections with each other and our faith.  I was reminded of Good Shepherd’s mission to “Share God’s Grace, Grow Our Faith, and Serve Others”.  Rev. Jenkins closed our reflections with the story of God encouraging Elijah from 1 Kings 19: “You’ve all got your own experience and God will catch up with you.”  Our “warm welcome” closed with singing:  the Scottish Hymn, “Will You Come and Follow Me” to the tune of Kelvingrove accompanied by Rev. Jenkins on the organ and “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” in the round led by our Praise Band trio of Becky, Julia, and Brenda.

Our fellowship continued at a gathering hosted by the five pilgrims staying at “The Cottage”.  The Cottage came with a large comfortable living area and a washer/dryer.  Clean clothes were a close second to many as a highlight of our stop in Wooler.  As we are staying in small towns and have come to learn we are known as the “group of 19”, we have experienced multiple different accommodations the past few days.  I’d say the gathering at The Cottage was impromptu but there definitely was some planning involved.  It was a wonderful time. 

While I did not get my laundry done today, I did experience an extra day of walking as a few of us wanted to further explore the “Way”.  In the wide-open expanse of St. Cuthbert’s Way, there have been several moments where I have looked out an felt like this is a place where Heave meets Earth.

God is catching up with us, indeed.

Vicki Howie

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