Estimate Of Giving

Easter Greetings Good Shepherd Members and Friends,

On May 3rd we kicked off our three-week stewardship journey, Joyful Generosity.  Even in these days of COVID-19, when we can’t meet face to face, our online worship continues to thrive and have great engagement.  Our ministry continues, in new ways, but ways that still need our financial support.

Joyful Generosity reflects two of the fruit of the Spirit- and invites us to consider ways we can be generous, even in these challenging days. Together we will consider how our stay-at-home orders, and our worship online has opened doors (even in the days of closed doors) to reaching a much wider online “congregation” with God’s message. The world seems hungry for hope, and because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection we have a powerful message of hope and love to share with all.  

God is also calling us to continue and hopefully increase our support of our outreach partners.  They are on the front lines caring for those most impacted by our present crisis.  Our Joyful Generosity will enable them to do their vital work. 

Please join me in filling out and returning your Estimate of Giving card, either online or by sending in the paper copy you received in the mail, by May 22nd.  Thanks in advance.

Pastor Heidi Johns