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Just-In-Case Registry

One day, a member with no local family who lived alone asked:  “Who will call my out-of-town family or friends if I become sick, injured, hospitalized or worse?".  No one should feel alone in this regard, especially with a church family close at hand to help.  With that in mind, GSLC developed the Just-In-Case Registry - a ministry that provides peace of mind to those members or long-term associates who live alone and have no family in the Cincinnati area. 

If you are interested in this ministry, simply contact the Just-in-Case Ministry Team Leader, Katy Ping (at 513.818.9971), and she will provide you with the information that you need to become registered.  Once registered, your information becomes available to the Pastors and they will contact out-of-town family or friends if the need should ever arise.  Registry participants should make their out-of-town family members or friends aware that they have asked the church to provide this service.  

Peace of mind is a good thing and we are glad to be able to provide it through the Just-In-Case Registry!

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