2019 Lenten Journey

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Week 3 - Labyrinth at Smale Park

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Down at the Banks there’s a lovely 2 mile trail from Paul Brown past Montgomery Inn with plentiful parking all along the trail. Near the Freedom Center is a labyrinth, an ancient prayer tool. Native Americans built them in the desert, Buddhists use them, and Christians designed some in the Middle Ages for people who couldn’t make the  pilgrimage to Israel. They may look like mazes, but they aren’t—there is only one path into and out of the labyrinth. A helpful, simple guide can be found here:  https://www.wikihow.com/ Meditate-in-a-Labyrinth There are labyrinths all over the place: use www.labyrinthlocator.com to find one near your home!

Week 5—“Good Friday steps” on Mt. Adams

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It’s a Cincinnati tradition on Good Friday to walk some or all of the steps up Mt. Adams ending at Holy Cross-Immaculata. All are welcome that day, but it will likely be crowded. Consider walking up some or all of them on a different day when you have some time to focus. More specific information about different start points and what to do while walking here: https://bit.ly/2Ip4ZtL)


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