2019 Lenten Journey

Pilgrimage is Verb - The Challenge

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While we are not going on a long journey to a foreign land on our pilgrimage this Lent, we are planning to walk more around our fair city. The exercise itself is good for our bodies and minds, of course, but the idea of walking with intention, of walking in our city, aware that God is walking with us is also good for our souls. 

Each week in your Journey guide book there will be a suggested location to take a walk. You could also find similar places nearer to your home if transportation is an issue. Check out govibrant.org for suggestions of walks all around Cincinnati and to participate in their Million Step Challenge. 

In the lobby at Good Shepherd, we invite you to put your thumbprint on the location or locations you walked intentionally that week, whether it was just a few steps and deep
breaths or it was a several-hour odyssey. Perhaps it would be helpful to you to make notes directly on this map of how you’re PUTTING DOWN, LOOKING UP, GOING OUT, TURNING ASIDE, and TAKING UP as you walk.

Week 1 - Kenwood

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Walk around in the mall, holding the workers in each store you pass in prayer and thanksgiving. You don’t need to stop and kneel—just notice particular people in the shops and hold them for a moment in your heart, desiring health and joy for them, then keep walking. Or you could walk around our church building three times, once each for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You could walk around the neighborhood next-door to us, just noticing the individuality of the houses, maybe holding their residents up in quiet  prayer.

Week 2 - University of Cincinnati

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Park at the Edge House (3007 Clifton Avenue) or on the street and walk around the main block of campus noticing things you haven’t seen before and holding the campus in prayer. Walking around the perimeter sidewalk is about 2 miles. It’s an open campus, so you are very welcome to wander around the interior of the campus as well. Come back to the Edge House for a cup of coffee maybe.

Week 3 - Labyrinth at Smale Park

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Down at the Banks there’s a lovely 2 mile trail from Paul Brown past Montgomery Inn with plentiful parking all along the trail. Near the Freedom Center is a labyrinth, an ancient prayer tool. Native Americans built them in the desert, Buddhists use them, and Christians designed some in the Middle Ages for people who couldn’t make the  pilgrimage to Israel. They may look like mazes, but they aren’t—there is only one path into and out of the labyrinth. A helpful, simple guide can be found here:  https://www.wikihow.com/ Meditate-in-a-Labyrinth There are labyrinths all over the place: use www.labyrinthlocator.com to find one near your home!

Week 4 - French Park

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A walk in the woods can be so cleansing for your soul. Take a moment to appreciate the sun shining through leaves or maybe the tiny flowers and leaves peaking out of the ground as the weather warms up. These are all part of what God created and so are you! French Park (3012 Section Road, Amberly, 45237) is one of many Cincinnati parks free to the public.You can also look up other local parks at cincinnatiparks.com or alltrails.com

Week 5—“Good Friday steps” on Mt. Adams

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It’s a Cincinnati tradition on Good Friday to walk some or all of the steps up Mt. Adams ending at Holy Cross-Immaculata. All are welcome that day, but it will likely be crowded. Consider walking up some or all of them on a different day when you have some time to focus. More specific information about different start points and what to do while walking here: https://bit.ly/2Ip4ZtL)