2019 Lenten Journey
Week 1 - Kenwood
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
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Week 1 - Kenwood

Walk around in the mall, holding the workers in each store you pass in prayer and thanksgiving. You don’t need to stop and kneel—just notice particular people in the shops and hold them for a moment in your heart, desiring health and joy for them, then keep walking. Or you could walk around our church building three times, once each for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You could walk around the neighborhood next-door to us, just noticing the individuality of the houses, maybe holding their residents up in quiet  prayer.

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I have had a similar experience by walking around a school a few years ago and praying for all the people who are leading our children to adulthood. That experience still lives in me now, and I remember and revisit the prayers each time I come near to my children's school.

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